5 steps easy way to stop smoking habit

Photobucketlooking for a easy way to stop smoking?
here are 5 steps that you can follow,
It is very simple, but important,and lots of people always ignore the first three steps and jump into step4!


ask yourself why you want and what you want
many people don't have the clear mind that why they are trying to quit, and finally give up!
It seems a joks?
but, the fact is, many smoker don't know why they are trying to quit or don't believe themself.
and It is important for you to know the reason why you wnat to quit smoking.if you don't know why you want to quit.how can you do it?

so, firstly, write down the reason why you want to quit!


set up a plan
I believe you don't like it. of cause, I don't like it too!but! it is very important for you to achieve your stop smoking goal.
I know, it might seem not useful, it might seem not important, it might seem like sth. you can do later.

but, it can highly increase your success rates.
write your plan, it just take you 5~10 minutes.


break down your long term goal into various stort term goals
It is impossible for you to quit smoking on 1 week, but it easy to achieve various short term on 1 week. Get it?

so, let's do it after setting your long term goal.


find some tips or aids to help you achieve your goal more easily.
quit smoking withdrawal symptoms is one thing that you must face on while you are trying to quit.so, if you can find out some useful tips or some stop smoking aids, which is effective for  you, so will quit smoking become more easily and comfortable?


follow your plan and step by step to achieve your goal

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