Acne: Beware of Products That Have Short Term Benefits But Cause Long Term Problems

PhotobucketMany of my clients are often looking for products to prevent and to battle acne.  They often ask me why many of the products that they buy in the store and buy from advertisments on tv do not work and often make the problem worse and why the products that I recommend always work.

There are many reasons for this.  However, the main reason for this is the active ingredients in these products.  In most or all of these products the main ingredient is benzol peroxide or some agent that dries the skin out.  So what do you think about that?  Benzol peroxide simply dries out your skin.  Often this results in great short term benefits (one week to a couple of months) but in the long run your skin will suffer.  How?

To begin with, benzol peroxide simply dries out your skin.  Therefore, in the short term, you skin will be less oily and will seem to have less acne.  However, your body will soon adapt to this and will simply begin to produce more oil.  So once your body gets used to this ingredient (which is pretty soon) you will require a higher concentration of benzol peroxide and, if not, you acne will simply come back, and even stronger than before.

Secondly, the short term results may be great but in the long term this drying out will leave lots of dead skin and lots of open sores which is not only painful for you but this will also result in a whole new problem: acne scaring!

In order to have the best acne results make sure the ingredients do not damage your skin.  Rather look for something to purify your skin like the products that can be found at and this purification will make your acne disappear in the short term and also have great benefits in the long term.

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