Male Breasts And Facial Treatment For Men

PhotobucketA man is not only judged by his intelligence, he is judged by his appearance, the way he presents himself, which includes his looks, his physique and also a problem free body.

Gynecomastia, a common condition which occurs in men, causes development of male breasts. It might lead to social trauma as breast enlargement in men is not natural. Though it can occur at any age for various reasons, due to the exposure to the mother's hormones through breast milk might lead to breast development in infants which mainly lasts for a few weeks. Teenagers might develop breasts due to hormonal changes of puberty which can cause psychological problems in them. But this condition generally disappears within a few months. Increase in the size of adult male breast is the result of lying down of fat in the pectoral region due to overeating. Adult male breast growth can also be result of diseases like chronic liver disease, kidney failure, and genetic disorders.

Mostly Gynecomastia resolves itself in infants and teenagers. Reducing these fats in older men has few effective exercises like push-ups and Jumping Jacks or they might have to undergo through surgery. Jumping Jacks can be performed in a gym with the help of machines. Pushup is considered to be the best way to minimize the male breasts. Surgery is dangerous and risky as it involves operation near the heart. So, it should be the last choice as it is complicated and has many side effects.

The first impression of a man on others mostly depends on his face. A good face is an integral part of a good appearance. The face may not seem nice for various reasons. A face may be tanned, or there may be problems of pimples and acnes. The solution to these problems is proper face treatment. Face treatment can be done by using different ointments, creams, face powders or even by taking medicines.

Maintaining the skin and keeping it clean is a good way of face treatment. Washing the face regularly keeps the face out of dirt which prevents it from acnes, black heads and pimples to appear on face. Sunscreen lotions with desired SPF can be used to prevent the face from getting tanned. Even fairness creams are out in the markets which are very helpful to make the face look much fairer and brighter. To overcome dryness and cracking of the skin, moisturizer is a good option as it hydrates the skin from within by keeping the face wet. Face treatments may also involve homemade remedies by using natural products like's herbs, fruits, and even ayurvedic products which cure these face problems from inside. A proper diet is necessary for keeping the skin healthy.

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Bettie Comerford said...

Taking care of one’s self doesn’t make you less of a man. It only proves how responsible you are in keeping your outer physique in top form. Women appreciate a man who is well-groomed. It is also a sign that he has a healthy well-being. That is why there’s no reason for a guy to feel ashamed of having a facial treatment.

Terry said...

I agree with Bettie. It’s definitely an eye candy for girls to look at men with a great physique. It gives the impression that these guys can take care of themselves.

- Terry Bayer -

Shavonda Duarte said...

Taking care of your body is more than just wanting to look physically attractive but more of showing how responsible a person is. I agree with Bettie that it’s normal for guys to give themselves “treatments” once in awhile. After all, if you want to look good, you have to exert effort too, right?

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